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Legal Advice No. 3555
Legal Advice No. 3555
Subject: Determining the date of suspension from work for a person convicted of disciplinary or a custodial penalty.
Opinion No. 481/2 Registration No. 321 of 1980
Subject: The fate of the employee's salary and work after his provisional arrest, and the fate of his service after the issuance of a verdict against him for a crime involving dishonor.
Opinion No. 906 of 1985
Subject: The extent to which an employee is entitled to his salary for the period of his placement in the addiction treatment unit ordered.
Opinion No. 15/53/3/1/3/2997 for the year
Subject: Conditions for extradition.
Opinion No. 165/2 Registration No. 61 of 1976
Subject: The condition of completing the extradition of the accused and the extent to which the agreement on extradition of criminals may be applied to the GCC countries.
Opinion No. 2098 of 1999
Subject: Determining the reasons for termination of service and how to calculate the end of service period when the employee is sentenced to a criminal penalty for a crime involving dishonor.
Opinion No. 2092 Registration No. 4400 of 1999
Subject: Expression of opinion on the identity of the person who is empowered to impose penalties on the employees.
Legal Advice No. 3475
Subject: Concerning the prescription of the fees and penalties for the Federal Demographic Council
Legal Advice No. 3447
Subject matter: The extent to which it is permissible to disburse what was suspended from the employee's salary at the end of the investigation until his acquittal.
Opinion No. 1910 of 1997
Subject: What is the crime that prevents the issuance of a decision to appoint a position.
Opinion No. 1024 Registration No. 1584 of 1986
Topic: The concept of a crime that violates honor and integrity, and the extent to which a citizen's conviction affects his employment status.
Opinion No. 1562 Registration No. 854/6 MF of the year 1993
Subject: Penalty for a company that breaches its obligations with the Ministry of Health.
Opinion No. 56 Registration No. 9/45 of the year
Subject: The police force committed violations, imposed penalties on them, and a situation that partially contradicted legal rules and contradicted the opinion of the Fatwa and Legislation Administration.
Opinion No. 246/2 Registration No. 143 of 1977
Subject: The extent to which the preacher and imam are considered employees, and the muezzin and servant each employee.
Opinion No. 617 Registration No. 1231 of 1982
Subject: The date of terminating the service of the employee who is suspended from work and sentenced to a custodial penalty and his salaries owed for the periods of suspension.
Opinion No. 901 Registration No. 1135 of 1985
Topic: The extent of the possibility of subjecting drug users to and placing them under periodic examination and follow-up by judicial officers.
Consultation No. 3079 of 2010
Subject: Conditions for awarding the Long Service Medal, the extent to which a soldier may be stripped of it, and his obligations upon disqualification.
Opinion No. 2608 of 2005
Subject: Concerning expressing an opinion on who is authorized to impose sanctions on employees.
Consultation No. 3475 of 2016
Topic: The concept of the word "salary".
Opinion No. 362/2 Registration No. 699 of 1979