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Subject: Reporting to the Public Prosecution about the falsification of some scientific certificates and the investigation procedures followed in their regard.
Opinion of 1998
Subject: Legislation applicable to free zones.
Opinion No. 6162/3/2/3/2905 of 2008
Subject: The rights of the Central Bank when it is certain that criminal offenses or violations have occurred by one of the heads of commercial banks.
Opinion No. 730 Registration No. 2428 of 1983
Subject: Determining the types of economic crimes and international cooperation to combat international crime and the extent of the UAE's accession to the extradition agreement and the existing penalties in the face of pursuing these crimes and concluding bilateral agreements for judicial cooperation with the implementation of the foreign judgment.
Opinion No. 292/2 Registration No. 384 of 1978
Topic: The extent to which the crime of improving sin is considered a crime against honor.
Opinion No. 2431 of 2003
Subject matter: The state of non-extradition of the accused and the extent to which the requested State may refrain from extraditing the requested person.
Opinion No. 1539 of 1993
Subject: The extent of the existence of an agreement on the implementation of foreign judgments between the UAE and the United States, the extent to which a single act may be tried twice, and the validity of depriving the sentenced officer of his salaries.
Opinion No. 2538 of 2004
Subject: Legal opinion on banks’ from partially paying the value of a cheque
Legal Advice No. 3465
Subject matter: allegation of forgery of an official editor.
Opinion No. 180/2 Registration No. 168 of 1976
Subject: The jurisdiction of the Fatwa and Legislation Department and the authorized reference for the collection of penal appeals fees.
Opinion No. 457/2 Registration No. 222 of 1980
Subject: The best legal procedure to deal with falsified educational certificates received by the Ministry.
Advice No. 3/2/3/1825
The subject: Regarding the extent of the employees ’eligibility to recover the value of the increase paid for the period of the lease contract that occurred after the issuance of Financial Resolution No. (13/2008) regarding housing policies for Abu Dhabi government employees.
Opinion No. 5431/6/3/4/2969 for the year
Subject: The best legal procedure for dealing with forged assets of qualifications received by the Ministry.
Consultation No. 3/2/3/1825 of 2016
Subject: The concept of inference and the references authorized to carry out and determine its controls and scope.
Opinion No. 2776 of 2007
Subject: The right to register a worker in police investigations on the roll of practicing lawyers.
Opinion of 2007
Subject: The authority of the head of the Audit Bureau to impose disciplinary penalties and the extent of the administrative body’s commitment to his decision.
Opinion No. 2483 of 2003
Subject: The extent of validity of the Audit Bureau, the Disciplinary Board, and the competent administrative authority to investigate and decide on financial violations committed by employees from the first, second and third cycles when the violation is considered the same against them all.
Opinion No. 1578 of 1993
Topic: Conditions for joining the Police College, the nature of disciplinary penalties, and the significance of stopping work for a specific period.
Opinion No. 2316 of 2001
Subject: Determining disciplinary penalties, including limitation, and the extent of the permissibility of deduction from the end of service gratuity in light of the legally established limits and the linkage of the deduction from the remuneration penalty with the penalty of dismissal from the position to be imposed by the Disciplinary Board whose powers cannot be exceeded according to internal circulars.
Opinion No. 1982 of 1998
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Consultation No. 3555