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Subject: Termination of the service of a member of the police and security forces by force of law or by virtue of the judiciary.
Opinion No. 2020 of 1998
Subject: The arrest of the accused, the length of his detention, and the competent authority to do so.
Opinion No. 156 Registration No. 454 of 1975
Subject: In the matter of identifying crimes that violate honor and trust.
Opinion No. 8301/3/2/3/2984 for the year
Subject: The way to dispose of deported prisoners’ deposits, after the lapse of a period of a period of ten years approximatively.
Advice No. 3285
Topic: Identifying crimes that violate honor and trust and their impact on the service of the military and the officers convicted of committing them.
Opinion No. 2714 of 2006
Subject: The extent to which the appealed judgment is considered final and the extent to which a person convicted of a custodial penalty may be released.
Opinion No. 1706 of 1995
Topic: How to behave in deported prisoners ’secretariats that have long periods of nearly ten years.
Consultation No. 3285 of 2013
Subject matter: The extent to which an employee of the police and security forces is entitled to an end-of-service reward and a convicted person convicted of drug trafficking.
Opinion No. 642 Registration No. 1437 of 1982
Subject: Cases of bad faith and conditions for conducting employment and work.
Opinion No. 848 Registration No. 230 of 1984
Subject: - Defining the crime that violates honor and integrity, and the extent of terminating the service of an employee who has been convicted of a crime of honor and integrity with a stay of execution of the penalty against him. - The inability to examine the extent to which a crime is considered a breach of honor and honesty when the ruling is not specified for the crime punishable by flogging.
Opinion No. 1852 of 1996
Subject: The employee's service ends with the force of law.
Opinion No. 1999 of 1998
Subject matter: the extent to which the bona fide owner of the means of transport is to be applied and the condition that the confiscated vessel must be returned.
Opinion No. 1675 of 1994
Subject: The employee’s position when committing a crime that violates honor and trust.
Opinion No. 1317 of 1990
Subject: Conditions for extradition of criminals accused of murder and kidnapping.
Opinion No. 155 Registration No. 452 of 1975
Subject: The eligibility of the Federal Electricity and Water Authority to terminate an employee's service.
Consultation No. 3195 of 2012
Subject matter: The criminal nature of the crime of issuing a check without balance and the reflection of this nature on the prosecution of its perpetrators.
Opinion No. 1169 Registration No. 2070 of 1988
Subject: Termination of the service of an employee who committed a crime that violates honor and honesty, resulting from weakness in character, deviation in character, submission to desires, and not permissible to return to his job except after the expiration of the penalty period and his rehabilitation.
Opinion No. 1578 of 1993
Subject: The concept of the public employee and the extent to which Abu Dhabi Bank is considered a public joint stock company.
Opinion No. 1725 of 1995
Subject: Mechanism of text on retro.
Opinion No. 669 Registration No. 1015 of 1990
Subject: The extent to which a company employee is considered a public employee and the conditions for entitlement to the retirement pension.
Opinion No. 2599 of 2005