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Subject: Determining the penalty amount.
Opinion No. 1035 of 1986
Subject: Actions taken in the event of a crime in the Emirate of Dubai and he was arrested in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Opinion No. 66 Registration No. 8/156 for the year
Subject: The fate of local laws upon issuance of the Federal Constitution in the United Arab Emirates and the system applied to exemption from the execution of punishment.
Opinion No. 683 Registration No. 1911 of 1983
Subject: Determining the time period on which to measure the behavior of the convict, to assess his condition and how to calculate it.
Opinion No. 1921 of 1997
Subject matter: The extent of permissibility to suspend the implementation of criminal penalties and the powers of the President of the Federation and the penalty for the check crime.
Opinion No. 1312 of 1990
Subject: Terms and conditions of extradition.
Opinion No. 644/2 Registration No. 1468 of 1982
Subject: Providing a legal opinion regarding banks ’failure to partially pay the check.
Consultation No. 3465 of 2016
Topic: How to punish the perpetrator and the scope of application of the law that is most appropriate for the accused.
Opinion No. 2200 of 2000
Subject: Handing over those accused of the check offense and the conditions for achieving the elements of issuing a check without balance.
Opinion No. 141 Registration No. 291 of 1975
Subject: Conditions for extradition and the types of crimes for which extradition is permitted.
Opinion No. 16 Registration No. 794 of 1973
Subject matter: The extent to which the mandate may be an exception and the extent to which the Minister of Interior may be delegated the authority to release some prisoners.
Opinion No. 2210 of 2000
Subject matter: Conditions for terminating the service of an employee who has been sentenced by the judiciary, and the fate of service when replacing one punishment with another.
Opinion No. 1449 Registration No. 4054 of 1992
Topic: The extent to which lottery and participation in it inside or outside the country are considered gambling games that are punishable by law.
Opinion No. 1302 Registration No. 1018 of 1990
Subject: The application of the penal code to all crimes committed within the territory of the state, whether the perpetrator is a citizen or non-citizen, and he must be tried before the UAE courts. And the extent of the permissibility of foreign investigation officers present with the accused to police stations?
Opinion No. 2196 of 2000
Subject: The applicability of the UAE’s obligation to the Union’s members, and the establishment of rules, mechanisms and conditions for submitting an extradition request.
Opinion No. 13 Registration No. 788 of 1973
Subject: The extent to which criminal and civil penalties are applied to the contractor negligent in the execution of the contract.
Opinion No. 149 Registration No. 373 of 1975
Subject: The extent to which the Federal Electricity and Water Authority shall be entitled to terminate the service of an employee.
Advice No. 3195
Subject: the fate of the salary of an employee who is held in temporary or final custody by the judiciary.
Opinion No. 515/2 Registration No. 501 of 1981
Subject: The extent of the impact of dropping the judgment of the general right on the imprisonment sentence and on the termination of the sentenced employee's service and the dismissal of the employee from his position from the date of the issuance of the primary judgment against him for not stopping the execution of the penal judgment by appealing it.
Opinion No. 1569 of 1993
Topic: The extent of judicial rulings possessing the authority of the judicial order and the concept of the principle of judicial independence consistent with the principle of preserving the freedom and sanctity of judicial rulings.
Opinion No. 220/2 Registration No. 53 of 1977