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Subject: What is meant by the phrase "companies in which the government contributes" and the extent of housing allowance disbursement for single women married to single women and the percentage of housing allowance granted to the employee for single women.
Opinion No. 2149 of 2000
Subject: The extent to which the provisions of the Law on Organizing Labor Relations apply to the partner manager in the Limited Liability Company
Opinion No. 2343 of 2002
Topic: The nature of the Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport Company and the extent to which it is subject to residency and entry visas transactions.
Opinion No. 1656 of 1994
Subject: The priority right for shareholders in public joint-stock companies to sell their right to subscribe to others.
Opinion No. 3001 of the year
Subject: The extent of the discrepancy between the Commercial Companies Law and Ministerial Resolution No. 64/1989 on the condition that the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors enjoy the nationality of the country.
Opinion No. 1327 Registration No. 2211 of 1990
Subject: provisions applicable to vocational training centers.
Opinion No. 620/2 Registration No. 1247 of 1982
Subject: The extent of the guarantor’s obligation to bear the damages resulting from the creditor’s fault and the extent of application of the contract according to the general legal rules.
Opinion No. 230/2 Registration No. 76 of 1977
Subject: The extent of permissibility to convert the Emirates General Petroleum Corporation into a company in accordance with the provisions of Federal Law No. (16) of 1980 establishing it
Consultation No. 3498
Subject: Determining the scope and conditions for entitlement to the members of the anti-terror company and the nature of work allowance.
Opinion No. 2232 of 2001
Topic: How to determine the percentage that the government contributes to the companies.
Opinion No. 2416 of 2003
Subject matter: The extent to which joint stock companies may use the statutory reserve in distributing bonus shares to shareholders even without exceeding half of the capital.
Opinion No. 2350 of 2006
Subject: Extent to which Emirates General Petroleum Corporation may be transformed into a company in accordance with the provisions of Federal Law No. (16) of 1980 on the establishment of said Corporation
Legal Advice No. 3498
Subject: Spatial scope of tax laws and conditions for exemption from double taxation.
Opinion No. 280 Registration No. 307 of 1978
Subject: The legal nature of the Emirates Telecommunications Corporation.
Opinion No. 1668 of 1994
Subject: The jurisdiction of the Fatwa and Legislation Department.
Opinion No. 369/2 Registration No. 734 of 1979
Subject: The extent of granting a housing allowance at the meeting of the spouses in the service of the government or in one of the Emirates members of the Union.
Opinion No. 1923 Registration No. 3339 of 1997
Subject: The possibility to collect fees in accordance with Cabinet Decision No. (23) of 2009 on the Charges of Supervision, Control and Insurance Operations.
Advice No. 3/2/3/4816
Subject: Treaty parties adhering to the letter of its provisions.
Opinion No. 521 Registration No. 558 of 1981
Topic: The extent to which a civil servant is eligible for a single-class housing allowance.
Opinion No. 2322 of 2002
Subject: The extent to which the provisions of the company contract are applicable to the provisions of the Labor Law.
Opinion No. 2435 of 2003