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Subject: Informing the legal opinion on the extent to which the provisions of Cabinet Resolution No. (62) of 2017 regarding the introduction of fees for digital authentication portal services and electronic link services provided by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to the Emirates Telecommunications Company group are applied.
Consultation No. 3558
Subject: The extent to which the contract between the Ministry of Information and Culture and the consultant may be terminated.
Opinion No. 1696 of 1995
Subject: The extent to which a period of service in a private company may be combined with the current service.
Opinion No. 1612 of 1994
Subject: Expression of opinion on the determination of the extent of applicability of the provisions of Cabinet Decision No. (62) of 2017 on charging fees in return for the services of E-connectivity and of the Digital Certification Portal (Gateway Validation) provided by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to Emirates Telecommunications Group Company
Legal Advice No. 3558
Subject: Laws applicable to insurance companies and agents when there is a conflict.
Opinion No. 1543 of 1993
Topic: The extent to which limited liability companies are able to conduct insurance business.
Opinion No. 1381 Registration No. 944 of 1991
Subject: The rules applicable to joint stock companies and commercial transactions.
Opinion No. 395/2 Registration No. 851 of 1979
Subject: The housing allowance to which the spouses are entitled when they meet in the service of the federal government or its subsidiary bodies under foreign or local contracts.
Opinion No. 1003 Registration No. 814 of 1986
Subject: The extent to which the provisions of the Companies Law are applied to the companies established after the date of entry into force of Law No. 13 of 1988.
Opinion No. 1380 Registration No. 938 of 1991
Subject: Practice, termination, renewal, and expiration of commercial agency business.
Opinion No. 1429 Registration No. 2409 of 1991
Subject: Providing a legal opinion on the end of service gratuity.
Consultation No. 3/2/3/12739 of 2015
Subject: The extent to which an employee’s previous service may be added to his current service.
Opinion No. 856/2 Registration No. 164 of 1985
Subject: Determining the liability of Gulf Air's partners in the matter of capital and the extent of the responsibility of the member states of this company towards it and others.
Opinion No. 1845 of 1996
Subject: Conditions for licensing to open a pharmacy and distinguishing between public and private pharmacies.
Opinion No. 995 Registration No. 1165 of 1986
Subject: The extent to which the notary performs his competence in the event that the document is signed by a public official, and the extent to which the documents of commercial companies affiliated to a public authority are exempted from fees, as well as the documents signed by the latter.
Opinion No. 2188 of 2000
Subject: Provision of a legal advice on the end-of-service gratuity.
Advice No. 3/2/3/12739
Subject: The extent to which the Ministry of Public Works and Housing is able to implement the obligation at the expense of the contractor.
Opinion No. 490/2 Registration No. 370 of 1980
Subject: The extent of the company’s eligibility to pay the final delivery payment according to the contract, as long as there is no identification of the authority within the judgment, no body can be known. It is advisable to include the term public administration, for example, in such a case or a public body.
Opinion No. 2530/3/2/3/2889 of 2008
Subject: Waiver of agency and provisions applicable to those who practice commercial activities in the United Arab Emirates.
Opinion No. 1361 Registration No. 535 of 1991
Subject: Conditions for practicing commercial agency and fictitious cases of commercial agencies.
Opinion No. 1605 of 1993