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Subject: The merits of a mixed company, the mechanism of assigning stakes in it, and how to name it.
Opinion No. 423 Registration No. 115 of 1980
Subject: business and scope of insurance.
Opinion No. 1252 Registration No. 235 of 1989
Subject: Powers of public shareholding companies, the form to be taken, and the extent to which Ijtihad is permissible in the definitive indicative text resource.
Opinion No. 1720 of 1995
Subject: The extent of the obligation to obtain a license from the Ministry for the insurance company registered in the Commercial Registry and the extent to which the commercial bank registered with the Central Bank is required to be registered in the Commercial Registry.
Opinion No. 1311 Registration No. 1759 of 1990
Subject: Contribution of the Foundation ... and its incorporation into other companies.
Consultation No. 3159 of 2011
Subject matter: In the matter of selling the partners or shareholders of the company upon its transformation into a public joint stock company a percentage of its capital in a public subscription.
Opinion No. 7676/3/2/3/2980 for the year
Subject: The legal status of a company declared bankrupt, liquidated, and the emergence of a new company for new owners of the workers of the previous company.
Opinion No. 1492 Registration No. 1682 of 1992
Subject: Adjusting the conditions of the Arab Investment Bank.
Opinion No. 879 Registration No. 757 of 1985
Subject: The bank’s compliance with the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law.
Opinion of 1991
Subject: The extent to which insurance companies adhere to the restriction imposed in the companies' registry when they were established prior to the implementation of the Companies Law, and the insurance companies took the form of the joint-stock company.
Opinion No. 861 Registration No. 351 of 1985
Subject: The company and its financial liabilities and independence from the receivables of the partners.
Consultation No. 3091 of 2011
Subject: The status of companies practicing their activities before the entry into force of the Companies Law.
Opinion - registration number 405 for the year 1985
Subject: Concept of the official corporate editor.
Opinion No. 1349 Registration No. 321 of 1991
Topic: The implications of devolving all distribution companies' capital assets to Emirates General Petroleum Corporation.
Opinion - Registration No. 85 of 1985
Subject matter: The extent to which the Emirates Post Corporation establishes a company with a national private sector company in the form of a limited liability company subject to the discretion of the Council of Ministers.
Opinion No. 2295 of 2001
Subject: The condition of realizing the prince’s work theories and emergency circumstances.
Opinion No. 893 of 1985
Subject: The extent to which the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and its equipment benefit from the exemptions established in the Traffic and Traffic Law.
Opinion No. 1549 of 1993
Subject: The effect of changing the name of the company on its old obligations.
Opinion No. 469/2 Registration No. 266 of 1980
Subject: The conditions that must be met in order for a broker to be able to register his name in the registry, the condition for owning shares in joint stock companies, the condition for considering a person a citizen, and the date on which the grant of nationality takes effect.
Opinion No. 2675 of 2005
Subject: Forms of commercial companies and procedures required to convert the Emirates General Corporation into a joint stock institution.
Opinion No. 2356 of 2002