Aug. 19, 2020, 11:36 a.m.

<UAE Labour Law> Concerning the Probation Period

The article 37 of UAE Labour Law says; 

The worker may be employed for a probation period not exceeding six months where the employer may terminate the services of the worker without notification or end of service gratuity. The worker may not be employed by the same employer for more than one probation period. Should the worker successfully complete the probation period and pursues in his job, the said period shall be deemed as a part of the service period.

However, there is no explicit provision in the Labour Law as to whether a worker in probationary period may terminate without notification, but the following case shows that a worker may terminate during the probation period.

"Both the employer and the worker may terminate at any time"  [طعن رقم 94 و148 لسنة 21 القضائية لسنة 2001]